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Jul 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
with this four-game strip to minnesota. facing the twins, they got the worst record in the league but the birds lost the first two. they bounced back, won a close down, looking to finish on a good note. chen, the starting pitcher, he did his job. he threw 7 innings. allowed just 3 runs. that should be good enough for his teammates to score some rinse but that appeared to be a struggle. earlier -- to score some runs but that appeared to be a struggle. os down with two on. reynolds hits a sinker to septemberer field. that scores two -- center field and that scores two runs. reynolds delivers where the os have been failing. and that road trip will continue to cleveland tomorrow. that's also a four-game series. this reminder, saturday, masn, see the os and indians, right here. first pitch at 7:00. opening round play. the british open, in england where talk has been how tough the course and conditions are. it's just talk for now. the weather turned out to be nice. the sos are low -- the scores are low and this man threatened the record. he died the record. it's not supposed to be that
Jul 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. team. o's hitters will face twins lefty. the birds lost six of the last seven games. among the weaknesses exposed, young pitching chris tillman with a bad game. he watched with a disappointing season debut in minnesota last night. knocked out of the game after four innings, he was charged with giving up four runs and the relievers couldn't hold the twins down either. two runs score on the consecutive hits in the inning. a difference with a 6-4 orioles defeat, but it goes back to britain. an outing that didn't last long enough to help the team. >> four innings and 100 pitches. better and it wasn't there tonight. >> it's just disappointing. you can't do that. this is a game you've got to win. every time they give you four rounds, there are four innings and it's inacceptable. >> they have the most errors in the majors. o's and twins tonight on masn2. it's on cleveland. it will be masn on wjz right here. first at 7:00 p.m. on saturday. the o's have fallen. two run home run in the inning to share the 19th homer this season. the game was called due to rain in the seventh inning. the
Jul 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
league start of this season in minnesota tonight. chris had a terrible time against the twins last night coming off a good outing in seattle couldn't have been much worse in minnesota. till man got just two outs and allowed 7 runs, before he was removed in the 1st inning. pitching staff got knocked around in a 19-7 defeat. manager, buck has little patience for struggling pitchers at the big league level and will continue to seek replacements for those who can't do the job >> they control it we don't control it. that is the thing that i think they understand they control this, we want them to do well and pitch well, there is always some body there if you can't deliver what the job description gives and that goes for all of us just an accountability, that you know, we just can't be satisfied with mediocrity. >> he was consoled by jones after the pitchers early exit. till man will get another chance he is scheduled to pitch in cleveland saturday. zach britain starts tonight after a season in norfolk so far he has overcome shoulder discomfort he suffered during spring training. os pitc
Jul 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
center. her twin boys received treatment, special treatment, at the neonatal intensive care unit there. ask today, they were among the children who went back to thank the doctors and staff who helped care forever them during their most vulnerable first month. the hopkins nicku treats 600 tiny patients every year. and you can tell by the smiles on the families' faces how wonderful they do. >> and the kid the look like they're doing great. >> they are doing great. >>> that's it for us tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. >> i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. much manufacture ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. including outsourcing at bane capital. did it happen? we take you ,, >> mason: tonight, mitt romney under fire. wyatt andrews looks at the role romney played at bain capital and the outsourcing of jobs. jan crawford talks to the candidate. >> doesn't the buck stop with you? >> mason: and the c.e.o. of patrice bergeron written financial is arrested in a scheme that stole more than $200 million from investors. remembering the vi
Jul 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
stomach. j-lo rocks red in brazil. the 42-year-old mother of twins has that dancer's shape, smiling on the beach, with her new marntion casper smashts. >>> marley in miami. tattoo on her back exposed. the super celeb looking fit for her fiance, liam hems worth, who was far, far away. >>> a self portrait of heidi klum. looking good from any buoyant of view. the newly singled 39-year-old mother of four, still has a model shape in the twit pic she put up. >>> george's gorgeous pal at 32, showing off sweaty six-pack abs in a white sports bra and black yoga pants. >> tom and katie speak out about their divorce negotiations. what they are saying today about custody of suri and their beliefs. that and more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> don't miss entertainment tonight, at 7:30, here on wjz 13. >> it's the source for all of my material. >>> still to come tonight. the orioles players get a break for the all-star festivities. >>> management is hard at work trying to improve the team. mark has details next. [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i
Jul 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
minimum wage. bruce gross recently lost his construction job. now he's raising his twin boys and daughter on $7.25 an hour. >> i can't even raise my kids or my family on that type of money. i have to go through months of deciding whether to pay bills or get food. >> reporter: current minimum wage is $7.25. part of rebuild america act, which calls for infrastucture to create new jobs. partially paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> we're struggling to get to the middle. and i feel like they should be thinking, oh, how can we help? >> reporter: there's no question, middle class families are falling behind. their salaries have increased 35% in the last foury decade -- four decades, while the wealthiest has seen a 278% increase. >> it is absolutely destroying the very health of our democracy. >> cindy walsh is an activist. >> we will continue to see if if this if we do not put our foot down to the idea of free market and globalization being the answer to domestic hiring. >> reporter: president obama and democrats support raising the minimum wage, while mitt rom
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6